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Hello, I'm Justine


Meet Luna!

I'm a UBC Psychology student who began working as a part-time pet care provider in 2019, continued to grow in 2020, and, before I knew it, I was launching YVR Petcare in 2021.

No amount of pet sounds can express how excited I am  for what 2022 has in store :)

Born and raised in Richmond, B.C., I now reside in the Kitsilano  neighbourhood—closer to school,  beaches, and even more pets! Growing up, I played many sports—primarily soccer—which gave me a fitness foundation and lifelong appreciation for physical activity and the outdoors. If I'm not spending time with animals, you can catch me writing poetry, making music playlists, eating copious amounts of dairy (& suffering the consequences), reading a novel, hiking a mountain, or watching videos that have anything to do with Tollers (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers, and yes, that is the name of a real dog breed).


Justine can  also speak Tiếng Việt, (mehr als ein bisschen) Deutsch , et un peu de français.


Pets needing to be communicated to in languages other than English can rest assured

that Justine will take the time to learn commands in their language!


How it all started...

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